Although the trustworthiness of an algorithmic system is undoubtedly a desired property, there are several challenges that demote it to a nice-to-have feature instead of a priority one.
Presentation of our paper at the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Big Data. We compared our ML Interpretability method called MASHAP with the most well-known counterpart, i.e. LIME. Our experiments showed that MASHAP, while achieves similar consistency, is much faster than LIME. (Paper title: “Evaluating MASHAP as a faster alternative to LIME for model agnostic machine learning interpretability”).
How “transparent” is transparency under the GDPR? Many scholars argue over whether there is a right to demand an explanation for an automatic decision. Even in the best case scenario there are some “loopholes”.
There is a plethora of metrics. At Code4Thought, we use the disparate impact ratio, as it is an industry standard derived by the four-fifths rule of the EEOC
An interview of Yiannis Kanellopoulos and Michalis Kosmetatos for NewMoney (GR)
On Ethics and RegTech: How to use Technology to govern Technology
The PyThia approach on how to ensure Trustworth AI
Trust and Quality in Era of Software 2.0
Pleased to announce our contribution to QUALCO’s successful acquisition of Fintech software solutions together with our partner Software Improvement Group (SIG). It gave us the opportunity to introduce our unique viewpoint on how IT Due Diligence projects shall be conducted, what is the depth of technical analysis required and how these are connected with hidden investment risks and opportunities. Read more:
We’re happy to announce that we have been selected to participate in the Government of Canada’s source list for Artificial Intelligence (AI) suppliers. We look forward doing our bit helping towards Trustworthy AI especially in the public sector where decisions can impact the lives of millions of citizens.

2020 Conferences

We’re happy for presenting our follow-up paper on our Model-Agnostic Interpretability method at the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Big Data.
It was very nice presenting to Greece’s Data Protection Officers (DPO) Network how our technology can help them to comply with GDPR. Our presentation can be found here (in Greek).
Excited to present a demo of our web-based tool ‘PyThia’: A Reporting Tool on Bias Evaluation and Mitigation in MD4SG 2020
We are excited to be part of the MLOps: Production and Engineering World 2020 among an amazing line of speakers. Our presentation on Quality in the era of Software 2.0 can be found here.

2019 Conferences

We were excited to be part of the O’Reilly Strata San Francisco: Data Ethics Summit among an amazing line of speakers. Details about our talk on Accountability of Black Boxes can be found here.
Our team was part of O’Reilly Strata London and we look forward to it. More details soon.
We’re proud for presenting our work on Model Agnostic Interpretability and Algorithmic Accountability respectively at the 10th Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications.

2018 Conferences

The Voxxed Days Thessaloniki: was a blast. See our talk on how we applied our tooling into a Machine Learning model globally deployed here.
In 2045’ s new podcast with Mr. Fanouris Drakakis, our CEO, Yiannis Kanellopoulos and Mr. George Marinos (Digital Transformation Director, National Bank of Greece), discuss the importance of software quality control for businesses.