Trustworthy AI:

One thing we know best at code4thought is to evaluate the quality of large scale traditional software systems. With our AI Testing & Audit solution we bring all this expertise (more than 45 years combined to be honest) to the domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI) helping organizations ensure their AI-based systems can be trusted.
Our own proprietary platform PyThia, enables the analysis of any type of data and AI models based on the ISO 29119-11 international standard for testing AI-based systems.
The EU AI Act Assurance service aims at enabling organizations to adhere to the regulatory requirements set forth by the EU AI Act in an as much timely and cost-efficient manner as possible. It is a pragmatic implementation of the EU AI Act risk management approach for business, and it also serves as a comprehensive technical guide on how to foster responsible AI deployment and usage by promoting quality, transparency, accountability and human-centric AI practices within the organizations while also maximising the business value of AI systems.
No Due Diligence of AI companies & systems can be complete & reliable without an AI Technology Due Diligence. A detailed and deep understanding of the AI model/algorithm is necessary in order to identify hidden risks and opportunities that stem from the AI technology itself. And this is what exactly and reliably our AI Technology Due Diligence solution does. Using our AI-testing platform PyThia we can analyse any type of AI-based system and deliver a thorough risk analysis and a practical improvement roadmap.
The New York City Bias Audit Law (Local Law 144) is a new legislation clarifying the requirements for the use of automated employment decision tools (AEDT) within New York City. Our structured auditing processes for Bias Testing have been adapted to legal requirements. Combined with our expertise in comprehensive testing and auditing of AI systems, they are your ideal solution not only for compliance, but also as your first step for a reliable and trustworthy AI system.
Despite rising investments in artificial intelligence (AI) by today’s organizations, trust in the insights delivered by AI can be a blocking factor for its further adoption especially from C-level executives. More specifically several studies indicate that more than 60% of executives express discomfort and mistrust on the results produced by AI-based systems. We are ready to help and advise as to what are the best-practices for setting up the proper processes and infrastructure that will ensure your AI-based systems are Responsible, Reliable and can be Trusted.