Trustworthy AI:
case studies

Client wanted to evaluate and understand the decisions behind their newly built AI model that was supporting the Network Monitoring service component of their Analytics platform. code4thought was asked to test and explain Client’s AI model in order to fulfill the following goals:
  • Define whether Client follows best-practices regarding:
  • The fairness and transparency of the AI model behind their service, and
  • Their ability to hold their model accountable.
  • Deploy code4thought’s AI explanation mechanism for the decisions made by Client’s AI model (i.e., AI for AI).
Kepler Vision Technologies, a Dutch company specializing in computer vision and AI, focuses on enhancing healthcare delivery efficiency and ensuring patient safety. Their Kepler Night Nurse AI application is crucial in preventing falls, detecting patient wandering, and monitoring other behaviors. In order to build trust and ensure regulatory compliance in the highly regulated healthcare sector, Kepler partnered with code4thought. The collaboration involved a comprehensive assessment methodology, including validation and verification of AI algorithms, systematic risk management, and technical audits to ensure quality and trustworthiness.
QUALCO is a leading technology company that provides a wide range of data-driven solutions to help enterprises efficiently manage customers and assets. Recently, the company was considering acquiring an AI startup and needed a trusted partner to conduct the Due Diligence process and assess the company’s assets in a fact-based and independent way.