About us

code4thought ® is a technology company founded in 2017 with a unique purpose, to render technology transparent for both large-scale software and AI-based systems. We do that either in collaboration with international companies, or by creating our own technology founded on internal R&D activities. We work worldwide through our corporate entities in UK, London & Greece, Athens & Patras.


Software Quality

We analyze & evaluate large-scale enterprise software systems, in order to address IT-related flaws at the root and manage associated risks and costs. As a member of Software Improvement Group, we enable companies to measure, evaluate and monitor their software quality in every stage.

Trustworthy AI

We analyze AI-based systems and their datasets with PyThia, our own platform and we advise companies worldwide, as to what are the best-practices for setting up the proper processes and infrastructure that will ensure their AI is Responsible and can be Trusted.


Our vision is to create technology products and services that people and organisations can depend on to encourage, lead and support their journey to knowledge and improvement.
‘We want to make technology
trusted and thoughtful.’

Powered by

decisively investing in R&D
international partnerships & project-participation
strong ties with Academia
TIER1 customer base
team with academic & enterprise experience
participations and publications in international venues
cross domain & technology agnostic solutions
factual and well-researched approach

We deeply believe in

Never settle

Keep on learning, innovating & envisioning


of Mind, to Feedback, to each other


We’re all here to serve a good purpose and to help each other grow & improve


always overdeliver

Our team

Our team consists of Software, Machine-Learning and DevOps Engineers and has the ability to provide high-end consulting services and conduct R&D activities, combined with commercial product development.

Yiannis Kanellopoulos

CEO and Founder

Thodoris Chronis

Head of Delivery and Technology

Eugenia Monogiou

Product and Service Owner

Maria Venetsanou

Operations Manager

Artemios Kouniakis

Software Consultant

Romanos Kapsalis

AI Engineer

Iason Tzortzis

Secure Software Analyst

Eliza Papadopoulou

Software Engineer

Michalis Metaxas

Sales & Business Development Director

Kostas Kotzampasis

Software Consultant

Nicolas Karagiotas

Security Consultant