how we help

As AI (Artificial Intelligence) – based systems are becoming more and more prevalent in business and governmental organizations, so does the need for their trustworthy and safe operation. We provide guidance on the Trustworthiness of any AI-based system at every stage of their life cycle, from their inception, to implementation and deployment and to both the people who design and implement AI-based systems, as well as the ones who are accountable for their operation and governance.


To help address the need for Trustworthy AI, we do what we know best here at Code4Thought: we test and audit your AI system, by performing fact-based and rigid analyses with our own platform PyThia. Pythia is based on the ISO 29119-11 testing standard for AI-based systems and enables the analysis of any kind of AI model and type of data, supported by a structured process. Furthermore, we combine the outcomes with our own expertise in order to provide best-practice advisory on AI governance.

case studies

Our long-standing expertise in assessing large-scale software systems combined with PyThia technology has given us the capability to audit the Trustworthiness of dissimilar AI-based systems in different industries.