Navigating the Global
Entrepreneur Program

by the UK Department of Business & Trade
We’re excited to share the exciting developments from our summer journey as proud participants in the Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP). The UK government’s Global Entrepreneur Programme, by the Department of Business & Trade, helps high-growth overseas companies relocate to the UK. The past few months have been a whirlwind of growth, learning and building bridges for our future. Here’s a sneak peek into our recent activities:
🤝 Business Breakfast with Chris Barton: We had the privilege of sitting down for a Business Breakfast with Chris Barton, HM’s Trade Commissioner for Europe. Special thanks to Matthew Lodge, UK’s Ambassador in Greece, for extending this invaluable invitation. This meeting has provided us with valuable insights and connections that will play a pivotal role in our growth journey.
💼 Webinars and Seminars: We actively participated in a series of webinars and seminars that tackled crucial topics such as IP fundamentals, scaling strategies, global market navigation, and understanding the expectations of UK Angel Investors in due diligence for investment decisions. These knowledge-sharing sessions have been instrumental in broadening our horizons and equipping us with essential tools for success.
🔍 AI Summit London at London Tech Week: It was an honor to immerse ourselves in the latest AI advancements at the AI Summit London during London Tech Week. This experience reaffirmed our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation.But that’s not all!
More exciting developments are on the horizon:
🏢 Relocating Our HQ to the UK: As part of the GEP, we’re gradually moving our headquarters to the United Kingdom. The UK’s thriving tech ecosystem, its unparalleled access to global markets, and the supportive business environment make it the perfect destination for code4thought to continue growing and thriving.
🤝 Collaboration and Integration: We’re eager to foster collaborations and integrate within the UK’s innovation ecosystem, including partnerships with universities, Innovate UK grants, and Catapults. These alliances will enable us to remain at the forefront of AI technology and drive innovation.
💰 Raising Funds Locally: Through the GEP, we’re determined to tap into the local investment ecosystem. We firmly believe that the UK offers a wealth of opportunities to secure funding for our AI auditing and testing solutions, thereby accelerating our expansion and impact.
We’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the UK Department of Business & Trade for the unwavering support and incredible opportunities provided through the Global Entrepreneur Program. This journey has been nothing short of transformative, and we’re eagerly anticipating the exciting chapters that lie ahead.