code4thought and TÜVIT webinar: EU AI Act Decoded: Unlocking Compliance and Business Benefits

February 29, 2024 – code4thought and TÜVIT are pleased to announce their collaboration on a comprehensive webinar titled “EU AI Act Decoded: Unlocking Compliance and Business Benefits” on March 20, 2024, at 03:30 PM CET.
During the session, speakers Yiannis Kanellopoulos, Founder & CEO of code4thought, and Vasilios Danos, Head of AI Security & Trustworthiness at TÜVIT, will demystify the Act and provide practical strategies for compliance. Steering the discussion will be Anastasios Arampatzis, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Expert.
The webinar will delve into the core components of the EU AI Act, unraveling its main characteristics and understanding its definitions of AI systems and risk classification categories. Attendees will gain practical insights into the steps for achieving compliance, including a practical example. Additionally, the speakers will explore how ISO standards such as ISO 4001 and 5338 can serve as invaluable toolsets for seamless implementation. Beyond compliance, the webinar will also showcase how the EU AI Act can be a strategic lever for enhancing business performance, demonstrating how regulation can catalyze improvement rather than hinder innovation.
The webinar is tailored for leaders, legal experts, and professionals in the AI industry, including data scientists, auditors, and software developers who are involved in designing, implementing, and operating AI systems.
Registration for this event is now open and interested parties can sign up through the registration page on the event’s zoom page.