“Best Practices in AI Testing and Auditing” Webinar: The Recap

A few weeks ago, a combined team of experts from TÜVIT and code4thought hosted a webinar titled “Best Practices for Testing & Auditing AI systems”. During this event, we aimed to address the following topics:

The challenges and risks of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and forthcoming legislations,
Key characteristics of AI testing,
Methods to incorporate the latest techniques for detecting and mitigating potential risks and vulnerabilities,

New York City adopts Final Rules on Local Law 144 for Curbing AI Bias in Employment Decisions, Effective 5 July 2023

New York City’s Department of Consumer and Workplace Protection released the highly anticipated final rules for Local Law 144 of 2021, also known as NYC AI Bias Law. The specific Law regulates the use of automated employment decision tools (AEDT) for candidates and employees within New York city and requires algorithm-based technologies for recruiting, hiring, or promotion to be audited for bias before being used.