Software Security
& Privacy Services

*in partnership with SIG

Enhancing Software Security and Application Quality

In today’s digital landscape, software and application security are paramount. At code4thought, we specialize in fortifying your software assets against the evolving threats that jeopardize software quality, security, and data privacy. Our partnership with SIG underlines our commitment to advancing software security measures, ensuring your applications are robust, reliable, and resilient.

Root-Cause Analysis for Superior Software Quality

Our approach is based on the ISO 25010 and delves deep into the complexities of software vulnerabilities, emphasizing a proactive strategy that integrates security from the inside out. By ‘shifting left’ on security, we embed best practices early in the development lifecycle, enhancing both software security and application quality. Our comprehensive assessments and continuous monitoring services offer actionable insights, from source code analysis to strategic roadmaps for ongoing improvement.

What We Test

We test the source code and architecture of your application or system.

Source Code

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)
White Box Testing: Static code analysis (SAST)
Manual Secure Code Review


Secure Architecture
Security by Design
Threat Modeling

Why Us - Our Added Value

code4thought stands out by offering:
A factual and refined approach that significantly reduces false positives, ensuring that findings are concise and relevant, with low noise for clearer insights.
Accurate and timely identification of business logic errors, a critical aspect often overlooked in software security assessments.
An exceptional balance between the required effort and cost that provides our clients with a highly effective and economically advantageous solution for enhancing both application security and software quality.
Accumulated experience and expertise in software quality and security for large-scale software critical systems within TIER1 businesses across all sectors.
Continuous guidance and advisory through our monitoring service to instill a secure coding culture.
Technology agnostic approach based on international and industry accepted software quality and security standards and supported by our partnership with SIG.

Our Services

Software Security & Privacy Assessment

Type of project: One-off

Your First Line of Defense

Ensure the right security and privacy controls are built into your applications.
Discover and mitigate potential risks in your software infrastructure with our bespoke assessment services. code4thought assesses whether a system is built according to security best practices, with security by design. By prioritizing security and privacy from the source code level, we empower developers to build with confidence, ensuring the highest standards of software quality and application security.

Features - How We Assess

Leveraging Sigrid, code4thought meticulously inspects your software’s source code from inside out. Our assessment includes:
Detailed vulnerability analysis to identify both current and foreseeable weaknesses.
Leading consultancy expertise and advanced tooling via the Sigrid platform, providing comprehensive insights from source code to infrastructure.
Mapping security characteristics to application security properties to get prioritized recommendations for risk mitigation.
Findings filtering by our experts to provide tailored, prioritized, and actionable advice.
Practical guidance across a wide range of standards (OWASP Top 10, PCI DSS, etc.), technologies, and best practices.
Continuous improvement recommendations for lasting software resilience.


Fortified Applications
Leveraging code4thought’s Software Security and Privacy Assessment service ensures your software systems are fortified with the right security and privacy controls from the start, addressing vulnerabilities at their root in the source code.
Minimize Security Risks
Our proactive approach minimizes the risk of security incidents, safeguards data, and protects customer privacy effectively.
Enhance Software Quality
Integrating secure code practices into the software development lifecycle (SDLC) fosters a culture of security awareness among developers, enhancing overall software quality and compliance with industry standards.

Software Security & Privacy Monitoring and Advisory

Type of project: Constant

Continuous Security and Privacy Monitoring for
Enduring Application Protection
Our Software Security and Privacy Monitoring and Advisory service maintains vigilance over your software assets, providing continuous oversight and expert guidance. Leverage our Sigrid Vulnerability Scanner for ongoing assessments that keep security and quality at the forefront of your development process.
Features – How we Monitor
Secure Coding Advisory. Help software development teams embrace a proactive security posture with our guidance on secure coding and the principle of ‘Shift Security Left.’
Security by Design Philosophy. Help development teams integrate the ‘Security by Design’ philosophy into the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) by embedding security considerations early in the development process.
Software Composition Analysis. Perform continuous automated analysis of third-party open-source libraries regarding freshness, licensing and security vulnerabilities.
SAST Analysis. Run SAST tooling, filter false positives, configure tooling, analyze findings and provide recommendations/mitigations.
Secure Code Review. Deep manual code review applying the SIG Security model based on ISO25010. Present and validate the findings with the development and security teams.
Streamlined Application Security
Our Software Security & Privacy Monitoring and Advisory service streamlines your security efforts, offering a prioritized set of actions rather than overwhelming your team with unnecessary alerts.
Tailored Actionable Insight
From the technical trenches to strategic planning, our approach ensures every stakeholder, from developers to CIOs, gains critical insights tailored to their needs.
Inside Out Analysis
By starting with the core—the source code—we deliver a comprehensive security audit that pinpoints and prioritizes vulnerabilities for efficient resolution.
Transform Coding Culture
Our expert consultancy helps transform not just workflows but also the secure coding culture. This shift not only optimizes resource allocation but also enhances vulnerability detection, ensuring a secure, robust final product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeframe of your services?
The timeframe for our services depends on several factors, including:
  • Scope: The size and complexity of your software applications.
  • Service Type: Assessments are typically faster than ongoing Monitoring & Advisory.
  • Depth of Analysis: The level of detail and customization you require.
Approximate Timeframes:
  • Assessment: Projects can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the factors mentioned above.
  • Monitoring & Advisory: This is an ongoing service with regular reporting and advisory tailored to your needs.
We’ll provide a detailed timeline and project plan once we discuss your specific project requirements.
Who will be involved from our side?
The level of client involvement depends on the chosen service:
  • Assessment: We recommend having a technical point of contact (e.g., development lead, security specialist) available to provide code access, answer questions about system architecture, and discuss the findings report.
  • Monitoring & Advisory: A higher degree of collaboration is ideal. This includes the technical point of contact, software developers to implement recommendations, and potentially security team members to align with ongoing security strategy.
  • Additional Note: We’re flexible! We aim to work seamlessly with your team, tailoring our process to your needs.
What kind of involvement and effort will be required by our team(s)?
Client involvement and effort will vary depending on the service chosen: Software Security & Privacy Assessment: A technical point of contact (e.g., development lead, security specialist) is recommended to:
  • Provide code access
  • Answer questions about system architecture
  • Discuss the findings report
Software Security & Privacy Monitoring & Advisory: A higher degree of collaboration is ideal, including:
  • The technical point of contact mentioned above
  • Software developers to implement recommendations
  • Potentially, security team members to align with ongoing security strategy
What will we have to provide in terms of data, access, etc?
To ensure a thorough assessment or effective monitoring, clients will typically provide:
  • Source code access: We need access to the source code of your applications for in-depth analysis.
  • System Architecture Information: A basic overview of your system design helps us understand the context of potential vulnerabilities.
  • Technical Point of Contact: A designated person from your team to facilitate communication and address any questions.
  • Relevant Security Policies (Optional): If applicable, sharing existing security policies helps us tailor recommendations.
Confidentiality: We understand the sensitivity of your data. We adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and ensure the secure handling of any information provided to us.
Do you perform DAST/penetration testing?
No, we don’t. Our core focus is on source code analysis, architecture review, and secure coding guidance. However, we can integrate the findings of DAST and penetration testing into our processes.
Why do we need more than penetration testing?
While penetration testing is valuable, it offers a limited snapshot of your security at a specific point in time. For truly robust software protection, here’s why you need more:
  • Root-cause analysis: Our services go beyond finding symptoms. We analyze source code to pinpoint the underlying causes of vulnerabilities, preventing them from recurring.
  • Preventative approach: ‘Shifting Left’ means embedding security into development. This saves you from costly fixes after problems appear in production.
  • Developer empowerment: We guide your team on secure coding practices, building a security-focused culture that benefits your applications long-term.
  • Business logic focus: We examine how your software should work, identifying flaws in the logic that penetration tests might miss.
Think of it this way: Penetration testing identifies if someone can break into your house; we help improve the design to make it harder to break in to begin with.

Let’s talk about your own security needs!