Celebrating Software Excellence
with the National Bank of Greece!

The National Bank of Greece (NBG), has been awarded the Open Source Hero Award at the 2023 SIG Symposium. As a Software Improvement Group partner, we are proud to have supported NBG on their journey to achieving this honor.
The SIG Client Awards recognize organizations that exhibit exceptional leadership, vision, and results in controlling the quality, maintainability, and security of their application landscapes. The Open Source Hero Award specifically commends NBG’s outstanding open source and third-party software strategy, which not only fortifies their own applications but also contributes to the wider community. NBG’s success in preventing vulnerable dependencies sets a powerful example for other organizations in the industry.
Our collaboration with NBG, powered by Sigrid, SIG’s platform for software health analysis, has enabled us to provide effective guidance and support in implementing secure coding practices and managing third-party vulnerabilities. Together, we have worked towards achieving software excellence and robust security measures.
Congratulations to the National Bank of Greece on this well-deserved recognition! We are excited to continue our partnership, further enhancing software excellence and security.
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